The importance of water

Water is one of the most important resources we have at earth. We need water to reduce our thirst and to do daily tasks. There are a lot of places where people have easy access to water, meanwhile some have a hard time getting it. Some also don’t have access to clean freshwater at all. Which causes problems and unecessary deaths around the world. There shouldn’t really be a problem providing easy access to water to the people, but it still is. Because some areas have too much, meanwhile others have almost nothing. Alot of places have clean freshwater, and again, other places have the opposite.

Bilderesultat for Water

Some people wouldn’t really consider this a problem, because they haven’t excperienced the life of not having easy access or having only dirty water. Most people can be ignorant and don’t realise the consequenses and the effect before experiencing the real deal themselves. An example of this matter, we can find in the story ‘Thirst’. People don’t really realise how easy it is to take things for granted, and then when those things are gone. They then have to watch everything around them slowly collapse right i front of them, for taking things for granted.

Bilderesultat for Family + water

Not having easy access to water can cause consequenses. The ones that are suffering and affected the most are women and children. In the text ‘The importance of water’, they tell us a lot about specificially this problem. On a daily basis, women and children from different places in our world, have to spend 125 million hours a day collecting water. In some continents, they also have to walk many kilometres everyday, just to collect enough water for their families. And think hard on this. They do this everyday. They do this everyday to provide their family with water. Many young girls have to spend hours of walking just to fetch water. Which is hours less of schooling for them. Which means that they are not able to get a good education because they are so occupied by these kinds of chores that should not be a responsibility for a young child.                                                      In some countries, women are not allowed to relieve themselves during the daytime. They are forced to wait for the night to come, fearing that their privacy will be violated. Many girls also drop out of school when they reach puberty, because the schools do not have proper sanitation for them to use when they get their period.


People around the world, are trying to solve this problem. But it is not as easy as it looks, because every choice has their own consequenses.

For a good cause

There is a lot of different things that are happening all around the world. These things can be good, but there is also a lot that are bad for us and our precious world.

In our world, there is a lot of unnecessary suffering and pain that can be avoided if we actually took initiative.  On September 25th 2015, countries got together to figure out a way to protect our world, end poverty and ensure prosperity for all. Which is the reason why The UN sustainable development has made some goals that we are going to hopefully achieve in the near future. There are about 17 goals all in all, and each goal has specific things that are supposed to be achieved in the next 15 years. And to be able to achieve these goals we would have to work together as one.

These are the different goals that the UN sustainable development made:


All the goals are very important to secure a good and healthy future for us and our little planet. There are some i think that are more important than the others, but that doesn’t mean that the other ones are pointless.

The ones i focus the most on are number 13 and 6. Those are the goals that are the most important to me. Number 13 are all about protecting the planet from climate change and to take action. Meanwhile number 6 are all about ensuring water access and sanitation for all, or every living creature.

I think goal number 13 is important because the climate changes affects our planet. And when it affects the planet it also affects everything that is living there. If we don’t take any initiative, our planet will be dying faster meanwhile we have to struggle even more. And we already have enough struggles as it is. In the end, we will have nothing left because lack of things we need to have to survive. Our world provides us many different things. For example: Food, air and water. So when those things disappear we won’t be able to survive long after losing them. But what we can do is to lessen the use of unecessary things that polutes the air and makes our climate change.

Goal number 6 is also important though, because not everybody have access to clean water. Many people die every year, because the lack of it. They die of diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Water is of course very important, because we use it for a lot of things in our daily lives. For example, we use water to cook and also produce our food and plants. But we also use it for personal hygiene to avoid different diseases. Which is also why water should have easy access for everybody to have.