Paúl Rivas Bravo – an award-winning photographer

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Paúl Rivas Bravo’s last trip was to the border between Colombia and Ecuador. He was the photojournalist for Ecuadorian daily El Comercio and he was on an assignment where he was abducted by a dissident drug trafficking group and killed. He was joined by the journalist Javier Ortega and their driver Efraín Segarra, and sadly they were also brutally murdered.

If I should be completely honest, just the thought of someone doing this scares me. It shouldn’t be okay to be allowed to brutally murder someone just because they are carrying out their job in the first place. Paúl was a 45 year old man and an award-winning photographer, a kind man that fought for freedom through the different pictures he has taken. He didn’t deserve this. No one does.


Multicultural societies


You meet a lot of different challenges in multicultural societies. There are both positive and negative sides living in one. The movie Brick Lane portrays some of these challenges, but mostly about the negative ones. They give us insight and leave us with impressions by showing the life of someone living in a so-called society.

The main character in the movie, which is Nazneen, is a victim of these hardships and challenges. But also I wouldn’t really say that all the challenges surrounds only her. Yes, they affect her too, but you can really see the differences happening in her surroundings. Nazneen is a woman from Bangladesh, that left her home to move to London because of an arranged marriage. The arranged marriage was a doing by her father, after her mother took her own life and disappeared from this world. Now Nazneen lives in Brick Lane with her husband and two daughters. They live in quite a multicultural neighbourhood, something you can tell by observing the different people living there. Just the community and society are showing us that.

Something i really noticed in the movie, was how Nazneen really didn’t go outside alone that often. Almost like she was scared of something. She was more of the observe type and watched most of the things happening outside from her window.  Every now and then we would see people calling out the ones that lived in the neighbourhood to go back to where they came from. They would cuss and use bad words, and sometimes also end up with violence.  So i think one of the things that would be a real challenge living in a multicultural society, would be the fact that maybe you wouldn’t feel that welcome. I don’t really think it’s like that in real life. I don’t know. But the way the movie portrayed it, gave me the impression of that. Them knowing that they really don’t fit in and belong there.

International Day

On International day we have something that we call ‘human library’. In the human library there are people that are either telling their story, experiences, or something related to the theme of the day. Meanwhile these people are talking, we students are allowed to drop in or out of these so called ‘presentations’. The presentations aren’t really that long, they can last from 15 to 20 minutes each. And when the presentation is done, you leave and then find another person to listen to. It doesn’t matter if the person has already begun talking when you get there, because you are still very welcome to listen to the rest of it. You could also wait for the person to finish, or just try to find another person in the meantime.

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The presentation i remember the most, was from a guy. I don’t really remember what his name was, where he came from and why he came to Norway in the first place. I think the reason why he fled was because of some kind of conflict or war in the area he lived in, and left to find somewhere safe and secure. I remember him telling us at the beginning of the presentation that he wanted to apologize beforehand, because his english was not the greatest. But i thought it was very understandable.

He had been living in norway for a while and he had even started his own business. His little business is at the mall Moa, in Ålesund. He told us a lot about how it turned out successful and how people came by his store and bought things. But something he didn’t quite understand happened often in his store. Often the guardians at the mall would walk in and check. You probably think that is normal, two guardians checking that everything is alright. But there wasn’t only two but probably twelve guardians checking the store. They could do this for hours. Customers would then get a negative vibe from the place, thinking that the owner did something wrong and then stop shopping there. The man that owned the place, didn’t quite understand why they needed twelve guardians to check the store. Only two or one guardian checked the other stores, meanwhile twelve of them checked his. He didn’t do anything wrong did he? The only thing he did was to open a store and sell different things. He didn’t want any trouble with them and never complained about it. Because he was happy that he and his family was safe from all the conflict. But he just wanted to know what made him so untrustworthy and sketchy to the other norwegians.

Girl Rising

We meet obstacles everyday on our path. Sometimes we just have to stop, meanwhile other times we have to find a way around the problem.

Rising Girl is a powerful documentary produced by Kayce Freed. It was made to show how difficult and hard it is for girls to get educated, but also showed the benefits of educating girls. The movie itself introduces nine stories from nine girls. These girls are from all around the world, and they share their difficulties that they have experienced in their countries through the stories. They talk about their struggle for freedom, school education and the rights to speak up.

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The story that made a great impression on me was Suma’s story. She tells us about the differernt hardships she had to go through, already at the age of six. At the age of six she was already bonded into child labor and had to work all day instead of doing things that a six year old would normally do. When you are six years old you are not supposed to be working, but playing around with other children instead. Sadly, labor and child labor are quite normal in many countries, especially in Nepal which is Suma’s country. Meanwhile her brothers got to go to school, she had to work. When they were learning and got to go home to their families, she was still working and had to live with her masters. But instead of crying and begging to her family to take her back, she endured it. Suma endured it by expressing her sorrow through music and lyrics. To me it shows me just how strong she was. She used something that people will call a passion and changed it into a little stray light of hope. It gave me the impression that no matter how much hardships you go through, you can always find a way to solve them. Because she was able to change the life she was living into something better. She was able to stand up for herself and the others that needed it around her.

«One girl with courage is a revolution». To me this phrase implies that as long as there is one that believes, there will be many more on the sidelines that will fight and possibly win. Even though it feels like nobody is there for you, there is always someone. That, one person is enough to start a revolution, a new beginning and an opinion can change into something so much bigger than it already is.

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The girls telling their stories are all facing different difficulties and circumstances. As much as i want to say that i empathize, it is very hard to do so. Because these girls are facing things that we couldn’t even imagine to put ourselves in. Watching it is a whole other scenario than actually experiencing it. Day to day they have to live by the fact that they are not able to be educated and they don’t have the same equality as the other gender. They have to experience all these circumstances just to get a saying in this case. While for example we in Norway get almost everything served on a plate. We get education, freedom and experience equality between the genders everyday. Meanwhile they really have to work hard to just get a bit of it.

The messages that i really think that will resonate is that not everybody is able to do what they want. People struggle and instead of looking at them meanwhile counting our money, we should help them instead. We should help them and then make a change so everyone is able to experience the same things in life.





The importance of water

Water is one of the most important resources we have at earth. We need water to reduce our thirst and to do daily tasks. There are a lot of places where people have easy access to water, meanwhile some have a hard time getting it. Some also don’t have access to clean freshwater at all. Which causes problems and unecessary deaths around the world. There shouldn’t really be a problem providing easy access to water to the people, but it still is. Because some areas have too much, meanwhile others have almost nothing. Alot of places have clean freshwater, and again, other places have the opposite.

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Some people wouldn’t really consider this a problem, because they haven’t excperienced the life of not having easy access or having only dirty water. Most people can be ignorant and don’t realise the consequenses and the effect before experiencing the real deal themselves. An example of this matter, we can find in the story ‘Thirst’. People don’t really realise how easy it is to take things for granted, and then when those things are gone. They then have to watch everything around them slowly collapse right i front of them, for taking things for granted.

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Not having easy access to water can cause consequenses. The ones that are suffering and affected the most are women and children. In the text ‘The importance of water’, they tell us a lot about specificially this problem. On a daily basis, women and children from different places in our world, have to spend 125 million hours a day collecting water. In some continents, they also have to walk many kilometres everyday, just to collect enough water for their families. And think hard on this. They do this everyday. They do this everyday to provide their family with water. Many young girls have to spend hours of walking just to fetch water. Which is hours less of schooling for them. Which means that they are not able to get a good education because they are so occupied by these kinds of chores that should not be a responsibility for a young child.                                                      In some countries, women are not allowed to relieve themselves during the daytime. They are forced to wait for the night to come, fearing that their privacy will be violated. Many girls also drop out of school when they reach puberty, because the schools do not have proper sanitation for them to use when they get their period.


People around the world, are trying to solve this problem. But it is not as easy as it looks, because every choice has their own consequenses.

For a good cause

There is a lot of different things that are happening all around the world. These things can be good, but there is also a lot that are bad for us and our precious world.

In our world, there is a lot of unnecessary suffering and pain that can be avoided if we actually took initiative.  On September 25th 2015, countries got together to figure out a way to protect our world, end poverty and ensure prosperity for all. Which is the reason why The UN sustainable development has made some goals that we are going to hopefully achieve in the near future. There are about 17 goals all in all, and each goal has specific things that are supposed to be achieved in the next 15 years. And to be able to achieve these goals we would have to work together as one.

These are the different goals that the UN sustainable development made:


All the goals are very important to secure a good and healthy future for us and our little planet. There are some i think that are more important than the others, but that doesn’t mean that the other ones are pointless.

The ones i focus the most on are number 13 and 6. Those are the goals that are the most important to me. Number 13 are all about protecting the planet from climate change and to take action. Meanwhile number 6 are all about ensuring water access and sanitation for all, or every living creature.

I think goal number 13 is important because the climate changes affects our planet. And when it affects the planet it also affects everything that is living there. If we don’t take any initiative, our planet will be dying faster meanwhile we have to struggle even more. And we already have enough struggles as it is. In the end, we will have nothing left because lack of things we need to have to survive. Our world provides us many different things. For example: Food, air and water. So when those things disappear we won’t be able to survive long after losing them. But what we can do is to lessen the use of unecessary things that polutes the air and makes our climate change.

Goal number 6 is also important though, because not everybody have access to clean water. Many people die every year, because the lack of it. They die of diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Water is of course very important, because we use it for a lot of things in our daily lives. For example, we use water to cook and also produce our food and plants. But we also use it for personal hygiene to avoid different diseases. Which is also why water should have easy access for everybody to have.